Integral (Unorthodox) Christianity: „The Bible Is Loaded with Truth and Power“

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Howard Pepper über die Verbindung von Integraler Theorie und Christentum und darüber, wie diese das Verständnis der biblischen Erzählungen verändert.

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Integral Christianity is a fairly new thing… at least the name is. (It is not a lot like traditional or even „modern/liberal“ Christianity.) The worldview or theology it operates within actually is a relatively new perspective, on any sizable scale.  I will admit the Christian form of Integral theory is fairly new to me — maybe a couple years, and I’ve been pretty attentive to the many varying forms of Christian faith for decades now.

Titlepage of the New Testament section of a Ge... Titlepage of the New Testament section of a German Luther Bible, printed in 1769. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The focus of this article will be Integral Christianity’s take on and use of the Bible.  I’m writing this on the way to soon finishing the definitive book to date on this understanding and expression of Christianity, Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve, by Paul R. Smith.  I will then be reviewing the book on the Naturalspirituality 

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